Corbett National Park


The Corbet National Park is perfectly cradled on the foothills of the magniloquent knolls of the Himalayan range that shields the northern fringe of the country of India.


The Corbet National Park made its magnanimous presence felt in the year 1936 under the designation of ‘Hailey National Park’. The Corbet National Park also proudly cherishes the coveted title of being the maiden National Park on Indian turf. Traversing across a humongous length of approximately 201 square miles, the Corbet National Park has acquired its name from the late Jim Corbett who consecrated the latter half of his life aiming towards the amelioration of this park. The Corbet National Park in Uttarakhand has earned a nationwide acknowledgment for putting together the baronial act of nurturing tigers, ever since its very dawn. As a matter of fact, the Corbet National Park gave impetus to ‘Project Tiger’ that has enacted the most crucial role in preserving the sanctity of these majestic beasts in India. The major attractions at the Corbet National Park of Uttarakhand are mentioned below :- � Tigers � Deer belonging to four different taxonomic categories. � Wild Boar � Leopards � Jungle Cat � Fishing Categories � Sloth Bear � Black Bear � Wild Dog � Himalayan Palm Civet � Indian Grey Mouse � Common Otter � Blacknaped Hare � Porcupine � Elephants � Gharials � Goat Antelopes or ‘Ghorals’ � Langur � Rhesus Monkey Another fascinating lineament that demarcates the Corbet National Park at Uttarakhand from its contemporaries are the jeep and elephant safaris. Rented jeeps can be obtained from Ramnagar, KMVN Tourist Lodge. Elephant rides of two hours duration are also available.