The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is situated at an altitude of 2,200 ft in the Doon Valley between two of the most important rivers in India, the Ganga and Yamuna. It offers beautiful scenery and a moderate (but very rainy) climate in summer, and so is an ideal place to relax and escape the heat of the plains below. The town also serves as a convenient base for visiting the area’s many tourist sites.

Dehradun Dehra Dun is the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand .


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Sahastradhara meaning thousand fold spring is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Uttarakhand state and is located in Dehradun place.Sahastradhara is located at 14 km from Dehradun city.

Tapkeshwar Temple


Tapkeshwar Temple in Dehradun, also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, is one of the most famous temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated by the forest side, the main shivalinga at the temple is inside a natural cave.. Tapkeshwar Temple is located at 6.3 Km. from Dehradun.

Buddha Temple


Buddha Temple is located at 8.5 Km. from Dehradun. Famous for housing the world�s largest stupa, Clement Town is situated nine km south of Dehradun in Uttarakhand. Set amidst the foothills of the Himalayas the Mindrolling Monastery in Clement Town is one of the largest Buddhist centres in India. Khenchen Rinpoche, a prominent lama of the Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism and other monks began the process of re-establishing Mindrolling Monastery in 1965. Mindrolling means �place of perfect emancipation� in Tibetan. In Tibet, Mindrolling was a prominent centre of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Rajaji National Park


The Rajaji National Park came into its glorious existence in the year 1983. The Rajaji National Park draws its designation from the celebrated freedom fighter, Sri C. Rajgopalachari who was affectionately referred to as ‘Rajaji’. A sum total of three sanctuaries namely Dehradun Siwaliks, Motichur and Chilla were coalesced to constitute the Rajaji National Park.60.5 Km. from Dehradun

Rober Cave


The Robber’s Cave or Commonly known as Guchu Pani is another natural attraction that should not be missed while at Dehradun. This beautiful natural cave system near the city lies near a beautiful stream and although its a 2 kilometer trek it is not tiring at all and if tired the locale freshens .Robber’s Cave is located at 14.6 km from Dehradun city



Mussoorie magnetizes travelers from different parts of the world. This city rests at an altitude of 1,880m providing an unforgettable view of snowcapped mountains, ravines and thick tropical forest that would linger in a nature lover�s heart forever. The enticing greenery and impeccable wildlife has made is a popular destination for nature & wildlife enthusiasts and even for couples who are looking for an romantic escapade.The best seasons to be here are from September to November and then from March to June, avoid visiting during extreme winters. To travel to Mussoorie you can count on its nearest railhead i.e. Dehradun present 34kms away and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport which is 55kms away.Mussoorie is located at 33.5 Km. from Dehradun City.