Gangotri National Park


The Gangotri National Park is nestled in the cozy dominion of Uttarakhand in India. The Gangotri National Park covers a luscious landscape that measures a mind-boggling 1553 square miles which is a momentous accomplishment in itself. The mammoth dimensions of the Gangotri National Park makes it the most sought-after abode of an entire caboodle of wild beasts. Since, the Gangotri National Park is so massive, the wild creatures do not face any sort of inconvenience regarding their respective territories. The terrain of the Gangotri National Park of Uttarakhand is marked by the ominous presence of heavenly delectable coniferous trees that further augments the sheer brilliance of this national park. In fact the conifers vanquish a hefty stretch of the plot alloted to the Gangotri National Park. The crystal clarity of the placid glaciers gift a whole new dimension to the Gangotri National Park. The view of the unadulterated snowy glaciers silhouetted against the luscious back drop of the opulent hay lands truly takes ones breath away in awe. In fact, the meadows constitute a healthy portion of the Gangotri National Park. The prominent species of trees that are found in the Gangotri National Park in Uttarakhand are listed below:- � Chirpine � Deodhar � Fir � Spruce � Oak � Rhododendron