Har ki Dun Trek Sankri


Har ki Dun “The valley of Gods”. The day started with us waking up early as we we’re instructed to be in the dining area by 7 am. all 3 of us got ready and came downstairs enjoyed endless tea and buiscuits and then later a scrumptious breakfast of paranthas and potato veggie. Once our vehicle came we started mounting our bags on top of it and then our trek leader said that we had an option to climb up as well if we wanted to. listening to his declaration I started jumping up and down with joy and volunteered for the adventure. our guide decided to climb atop our vehicle too for protective measures of course. We were driven till Taluka from where we started the Har ki Dun trek officially. We started the Har ki Dun trek full of excitement, dreaming of all beautiful places we will get to see and the experiences that waited for us. we we’re not to be disappointed as just after we started our trek we could see the Tons river in a distance and far below that was approaching closer and closer with each step. We have never seen a river so clean and so greenish blue in color. even from a distance we could see the stones beneath the water.