Jwalpa Devi Temple, Pauri


Jwalpa Devi Temple, Pauri This is a Shiddh Peeth of Jawlpa Devi situated of the left bank of Nawalika, 34 km from Pauri on the main, Pauri Kotdwar road. The temple sites are hardly 350m. Walk from the roadside. Even today, hundreds of people throng to this temple, as it is believed that the Goddess of power grants all wishes. A residential school of Sanskirit for boys is attached to the temple premises.Jwalpa Devi Temple-
On the occasion of Janmashtami and Navratri, a large fair is organized at Jwalpa Devi Temple.The temple is dedicated to devi Parvati(an incarnation of Durga) who is the Adhishtatri Devi of the himalyas.
According to the legend daughter of asur raj Pulom prayed here to the goddes and pleased her to get Devraj Indra as husband.
Devi Appeared in the form of deeptimaan Jwala, (Great Holy Fire). 
Since then this place is a shaktipeeth.
In the ancient sacred Hindu texts this Temple is reffered as Jwalpeshwari dham on the bank of Nawalika, (Nav balika Ganga), river under the Kedarkhand region.
Jai Maa jwalpa