Kamleshwar Temple, Srinagar Garhwal


It is famous for women worship Lord Shiva for whole night holding lamp on their palms. It is a strong belief that on dooing so her desire for the baby is fulfilled and also baby is privileges with long life.This temple of Kamleshwar Mahadev is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to the legend, Lord Vishnu on his visit to this place liked it so much that he decided to pray to Lord Shiva here. Lord Vishnu also decided to offer Lord Shiva 1000 Lotuses (Kamal) as a token of his devotion. He then collected 1000 Lotuses and sat to pray. To test Lord Vishnu�s devotion, Lord Shiva quietly hid one of the Lotuses.At the end oh his prayers when Lord Vishnu found one lotus missing, he decided to substitute it with one of his beautiful Lotus-eyes (Lord Visnu is also called �Kamalnayan� due to his Lotus-like eyes). But before Lord Vishnu could pluck one of his eyes with his sword, Lord Shiva appeared smilingly with the missing Lotus in his hand. To celebrate this incidence a temple was made here, Kamaleshwar (God with Lotus flower).