Kedarnath Vasuki Tal Trek


Vasuki tal (Vasuki Lake) is situated at an altitude of 14, 200 ft, in the beautiful hill of kedarnath dham, uttarakhand,India In the last 2 to 5 years vasuki tal attracted more pilgrims and trekkers. Vasuki tal is so great in size,so beautiful in surrounding environment, and also difficulty in trekking path.vasuki lake is surrounding with very high mountain view and beautiful view of several peak of Himalayas.there are several types of beautiful, colorful little flowers around the vasuki tal lake and one of the famous flower is brahma kamal. is it mythical believed that in the time of Rakshabandan(Indian festival) Lord Vishu bathed in this lake hence the name called be Vasuki tal. Trek of vasuki tal – the total distance of vasuki tal trek is about 8 km from kedarnath mandakini bank. the trek of vasuki tal is not so easy as it seen from kedarnath valley.and not to be completed without trek guiding. starting trek of vasuki tal is streght hight by 3-4 km with easy steps and rest of 4 km is difficult cause there climate is so cloudy.This is simply a trek that reminisces a d�j� vu, unfolding a salubrious trance that captivates your attention. This trekking tour in Indian Himalayas commences from Gaurikund, a well-known destination celebrated for hot water sulphur springs. Sprinkled with many waterfalls, the trek boasts of the unmatched vista of Chaukhamba peaks and Mandakini Valley. The trek is encapsulated by the Kedar Nath Temple, which is a high pilgrimage place in India. The trek ends at Vasuki Tal, known for its crystal-clear water. Many Indian monks could be seen meditating in a state of trance, caused by the tranquility of the region. The trek starts from Gaurikund. we pass through stately forests and come across some beautiful waterfalls. Kedarnath to Vasukital is a 6 km continuous ascent, and a great trek. The trek is tiring but the surrounding view of Chaukhamba Peaks and Mandakini Valley is magnificent. Vasukital Lake, about 1 kms in radius, with crystal clear waters surrounded by snowy peaks that immediately relieve you from the tiredness of the trek. This Trek is a moderate-tough grade trek and spans at an altitude of around 3500m-4500m.

Best time would be around May – June & Sept – Oct.

Duration of 07 days required.