Kedartal Located at an altitude of 4425 m above sea level, the Kedar lake is known for its cool waters and beautiful trek up the rolling hills spanning Kedartal is a Glacial lake situated at an altitude of 4,750m (15,600 feet) in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. Also known as the �Shiva�s lake�, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Uttarakhand! This will undoubtedly be the most magnificent feature of this trek! Massive Himalayan peaks flank the lake from all around, and the glacier feeding the lake can be seen up close. Further enhancing the splendour of the lake are the surrounding peaks of Thalaisagar, Meru, Bhrigupanth and Jogin, whose melting snow sustains it. The reflection of various mountains in the clear waters adds a very surreal and three dimensional beauty. It�s as if there is another world below the surface! For those fascinated with Hindu mythology, Kedartal finds importance as Lord Shiva�s contribution to Bhagirathi, a source stream of the Ganges. The glacial lake melts and descends the mountains as �Kedar Ganga�, which finally joins the Ganga at Gangotri, 17 kms away. This would be the starting point of The Kedartal Trek. The trail follows Kedar Ganga, through Bhoj Kharak and Kedarkharak and then towards Kedartal. The journey towards the lake is in itself an adventure! �Serenity with Variety� is how one could best describe the trek to Kedartal! The steepness of the trail, as well as the large altitude gain makes it important to distribute the ascent over 3 days to acclimatize the high altitude and climate.