Himalayan ECHOES-19-20 OCTOBER 2019


This is the program of Himalayan Echos. On 19 and 20 Octcber,2019.
Venue for day programmes – Abbotsford, Prasad Bhawan near ATI Nainital.
Day long programmes.
Many imminent personalities are going to be there where discussion on many important subjects will take place among the persons specialists in their fields.
Details given below. Entry fee for day program is Rs.200/- per person.
Evening entry Rs 800/- including food and drinks only for 20 October.
Venue for evening is Naini Retreat, Ayarpatta Hills, Nainital.
Evening programDinner is only on 20 October there is no dinner on 19 October.
Stay on for the last session to witness a conversation on Himalayan Expedtions between Ajay Sodani and Amitabh Baghel. 3:05 pm, 19th October 2019