Masar Tal


Masar Tal Lake is situated at a height of 14,500 ft in Tehri Garhwal District of Uttaranchal . The circumference of the lake is 4 km. The lake is near the Khatling Glacier. The three sides of the lake are bounded by snow and high peaks. When viewed from different angles, the lake water seems to change its color .Masar Tal are situated enroute to the Khatlang glacier. These lakes lie on either side of the glacier, which acts as the source to the river Bhilanga. The best time for this trek is between June and September. The trek to reach the lakes is one of the most beautiful ones, surrounded by wide green meadows which are full of colorful flowers, which are in full bloom during the summer months.Beautiful lake just below Masar Top and on the left flank of Doodhganga Bamak (W), en route to Maiali Pass