Nachiketa Tal


Nachiketa Tal is at a distance of 29 km from the heart of Uttarkashi town. It is believed that this lake is created by the ,Nachiketa, the devout son of saint Uddalak, that’s why it is called Nachiketa taal. The lake has a magneficient ,scenic surrounding .The greenery all around Nachiketa Taal is enchanting and there is a small temple on the site of this lake gives it a more serene look.The 3km trek to Nachiketa Tal starts from Chaurangi Khal .All around it is an aura of peace and purity. The lake has captivating surroundings with forests all around. Here, the unholy are said to become holy and the holy, holier still. The lake is located between latitude N 300 27� and longitude E 710 72� with the altitude of 2680m high above sea level to northeast of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and about 200m long and 30 m wide at its broadest points having the depth of 7 m. It is elliptical in shape and medium in size and has no discernible inlet as well as outlet. Natural drains are the only source of water for the lake which are managed by the luxuriant vegetation around the lake. It is quite possible that the lake is a depression in a possible fissured zone which may open into the under water springs feeding the lake continuously.