Nandi Kund


The Nandi Kund at 15000 ft is quite a big lake and seems deep also. Nandi Kund is a located approx. 4800 mts. in Madhymaheshwar – alpeshwar trail. The trail commands a beautiful view of lush green meadows and lofty snow covered peaks. There are some very old woods, which are worshipped, as belonging to the Pandavas. It is a lake spread over an area of one and a half km. The Trail covers Madhymaheshwar, kachani Dhar, Kachani Tal, Pandav Sera, & Nandi Kund. Shiva is worshipped at Madmaheshwar in the form of navel – shaped lingum. Located at an altitude of 3,289 mts, the classic temple architecture belongs to the north – Indian style. The Pandav sera valley is 3-4 km. wide and local people believe that Pandavas stayed here for a long time, dig a canal and transformed it into a cultivable land. The Madhyamaheshwar Gangaoriginates from it and it is surrounded on all sides by high ridges except on the side where Chaukhamba is towering at a distance. The reflection of Chaukhamba in the waters of the lake provide an excellent photo opportunity. The climb was gentle in beginning along the Kund. Thereafter it started to climb and involved boulder hopping and climbing up. Three hours of hard walk to the Ghia Vinayak Pass at around 17,500-ft. The Nandikund – Ghiya Vinayak Pass trek is a gem of a trek in the lap of the Himalayas. Offering up close views of Chaukhaba, Mandani and views as far as the Panpatia Snow field, Neelkanth, Parvati and that of the elegant Nanda Devi etc, from the top of Ghiya Vinayak pass, the Nandikund – Ghiya Vinayak Pass trek is just superb and a must do for all the Himalayan High Seekers.