Satopanth lake


SATOPANTH LAKE is an high altitude lake with crystal clear green water situated at a height of 4400 Mtrs Altitude. the triangular lake has a perimeter of one Kilometer. On its three corners meditated the Holi Trio-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) and still do, it is believed- the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer charting out the course of the world. The Lake , the representation, on Earth, of the Kshirsagar is set in the midst of yawning glaciers with a splendor undreamt by man. With the presence of the divine Trinity and the smear magnificence of the setting one is left completely overwhelmed. Swargarohini is the place where it is said Yudhister went to Heaven with his body. there are stairs to heaven which can be seen…with Himalayan Gods Blessings one can successfully completed Satopanth-SwargaRohini trek.. Satopanth Tal -The Glacial lake which is around 25kms from Badrinath, could be reached after a arduous trek crossing Lakshmivan and Chakratirtha. Natural Caves along the path are used as the night shelter. Around Badrinath every place is steeped in legends so are Lakshmiban and Chakratirtha. It is said that goddess Lakshmi ( goddess of wealth)and her husband Narayan meditated in Lakshmivan and Chakratirtha respectively and while meditating Narayan kept his famous Sudarshan Chakra on the valley which depressed by the weight of that Chakra to form a beautiful round shaped meadow surrounded by lofty mountains….. Traversing on to satopanth glacier and hours of hard trekking on the treacherous moraine under the last ridge until reach the lake.The first thing that strikes is the strange ethereal ambience of the lake. Calm and Soothing! probably because an achievement of hard labour or may be the legends, or endurance !. The perfectly triangle shaped lake at the base of the snow crested Chaukhamba I peak, surrounded by lofty mountains. The crystal clear water of triangular lake mirrors the snow crested Chaukhamba I peak. It is said there lies a path traversed by the pandava brothers on their last journey to the heaven….