Duration:13 Days

Altitude 4320 mts

Devi Kund and Sundherdhunga are the most favorite trekking destinations for many trekkers. Sundherdhunga is a very alluring place in the kumaon region of Uttarakhand. In the Kumaoni dialect, the literal meaning of the word �Sundherdhunga� is �Valley of beautiful stones�. To understand the appropriateness of the name ‘Sundherdhunga‘ one has to actually trek there. The tranquality of this place is incomparable and coherent when you further trek to this high altitude semi circle crystal clear Lake Devi Kund, which in English means �the abode of Devi�, lies at an altitude of 14,500 ft above the sea level. The spectacular view of the lake attracts trekkers all round the world, surrounded by sheer Mt. Panwali dwar, the imposing Maiktoli, Anamik, Bhanouti, Tharkhot, Durgakot, Simsagam ,the massive Mrigthuni and Mt Nandakot. The path to Devi Kund from Sundherdhunga is a beautiful and colorful journey through the blowsy, budding, assorted flowers, distinct valleys, various small and medium waterfalls and the striking snow capped mountain ranges.Sundherdhunga gives the trekkers ample opportunity to camp in the green valleys at Dhakuri pass surrounded by pine trees. From Dhakuri, a halt for the trekkers, gives a astonishing panoramic view of Sundherdhunga, Pindari and khafni valleys. –