The Nanda Devi Mandir Almora


Nanda Devi Temple is situated in Almora itself. It is in the antechamber of a Shiva temple in a bazaar above the mall. Nanda Devi was the goddess worshipped by the Kumaon and Garwhal kings. Nanda Devi Temple has a typical Kumaoni architecture and is built of stones. It is one of the main attractions of the Almora town.The Nanda Devi Mandir was built by the Chand Rajas. The idol of the goddess is located in the antechamber of a Shiva temple and is much revered by the locals. Every September, Almora comes alive as thousands flocks to this temple for the Nanda Devi Mela, a riot of pageantry that lasts for a full five days. The mela is an integral part of this temple for more than 400 years.